I Am Fire! I Am Death!

the only AU I need is the AU where Newt doesn’t die…

Today at work this guy told me it was unprofessional for women to not wear make-up on the job…

I work for habitat for humanity renovating old homes. I’m literally a construction worker and this dude was mad I didn’t put on foundation before grabbing my hard hat and steel toe boots.

I am not at all ready to start The Death Cure…

Anyone have any suggestions on must-see attractions in/ around Buffalo NY? There is so much to see I don’t really know where to start!


Stop being so gorgeous Mr. Sangster


Great. We’re all bloody inspired.

So I’m currently homeless in a new city all alone sitting in a panera trying to look like I’m not…




he just sums up his life in 2 sentences 

Avatar the Last Airbender ~ Zuko’s Hair Evolution

ahhh, the one question that has been plaguing me for years…do I take a shower or watch another episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender